The Laboratory of  Theoretical  Physics of the University of Tlemcen was created in 2000. It is located in the 30 research laboratories located at the new pole level of the University of Tlemcen.

Our laboratory  has more than 82 researchers divided into 8 multidisciplinary teams. The research activities cover a fairly broad field, ranging from the description of ordered and disordered condensed matter systems to particle physics

and plasma physics.

 Since 2000 the date of its approval, the Laboratory of Theoretical Physics has hosted two magister who are

-Magister of Plasma physics.

-Magister of theoretical physics.

Currently the master and the doctorate LMD of theoretical physics and physics of gases and plasmas are attached to the LPT.

Its primary purposeis to contribute to the advancement of knowledge of the structure and properties of the

systems and also to offer high level training in subject physics to future teacher-researchers. Sinceits creation, the Laboratory of Theoretical Physics has acquired knowledge and skills which it offers to the scientific community through

dissemination of scientific knowledge, conferences, writing of books and publications of articles in prestigious news papers, magazines and magazines, specialized in Physics like Direct Science, American Institute of Physics, Springer,

Iop sciences, Nature and many others.

Each group of the LPT realizes at the level of its thematic of research a voluminous and percussive scientific production.